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Dr. Mahamane Laouali Aboubacar

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

I, the deputy vice-chancellor of Aboubacar Ibrahim International University Maradi, Niger want to welcome you all to our university's website that is filled with competent lecturers, administrators, labs and vibrant students. I want to take this time to thank the Al-mighty Allah for allowing us to open this wonderful university and providing protection to us from all calamities and also by giving us the chance to develop every year.

Joining our university will be a great achievement especially in time like this that many universities don't take the student's study seriously and the students that don't want to study but only to gain common certificate, we draw a big red line to students like that because we want to graduate students that knows their field of study very well so that they can help themselves, their family, society and their country as a whole. We dont take students with that rotten mindset and if you do have that mindset it will be better to not apply.

Join our university to experiance a great pleasure when learning, because we will provide adequate equipments to help you study and provide competent facilitators that you will help you uplift or boost your potential. We are also working on providing new courses that will be suitable for many students with low-cost tuition fee.

All our staff members our working hard to ensure the success of the great university of ours. That is why we employ the best of the best in order to run our university pleasantly and to ensure the students gets what they are expecting from us without any doubt.

I want to thank you once again for visiting our site and university, i wish you all the best in life and wish you joing our great university to secure your future with knowledge to help others.